Thursday, January 01, 2009


My God bless and keep you healthy and happy in the new year!
With much love,
Merry and Terrence
(Personal note to still have the spark that sets off my fireworks. Happy New Year! I love you. MPC)


family said...

happy new year, you love birds.....the big kids enjoyed running through the yard, screaming wildly with sparklers in their hand last night....we ate M&M's until we wanted to throw up and of course watched our share of Wizards of Waiverly Place! A new episode came on at midnight.......boy were we the kids filled our bed with their big ole bodies, I was reminded that these are the good times. I watched Disney station with a little more interest as I knew these moments are so quickly fleeting. Dare I say it was the best new years eve ever? Or at least in's to a new year. new challenges, new opportunities and more chances to grow in Christ. So much love to you my sweet mother. bo

juju said...

Never to old for romance. You two have a wonderful year!

tschafee said...

happy new year to all. i kissed the love of my life at midnight, too. not a bad way to ring in the new year.