Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mongolia-based father-son pop band

I don't usually blog outside our immediate family, because I'm afraid I will get into trouble publishing things that are none of my business. That said, this was just too good to pass up and I knew you would all enjoy it! Layton, (Terr's brother Tim's son) and his wife met in Mongolia, through the Peace Corps, stayed and have lived there for many years. A talented man who is obviously passing his interest and talent on to his sons, Chaandmon and Sky. Enjoy!

I quote:

"Weekend" is the first music video from Mongolia-based father-son pop band Seven And a Half: Chaandmon Croft (drums, vocals) and Layton Croft (guitar, bass, vocals). "Weekend" includes backing vocals from the Star Kids Chorus (Max, Sky, Kiana, Mika and Israel), and is taken from the band's debut "Lunchbox" EP, released in July 2008, when Chaandmon was 7 and 1/2 and Layton was 37 and 1/2. The Weekend video was shot mostly at the International School of Ulaanbaatar (ISU), and was made possible with many thanks to the students, faculty and staff of ISU. All seven songs on "Lunchbox" were written, produced and copyrighted by Seven and a Half. "Lunchbox" is available free to anyone; email for details.

Quote from Layton:

"This was really fun to make. We're working on our second record now, which may include a cover song or two -- suggestions most welcome. Feel free to forward to others......."~ Layton and Chaandmon

*Note to the nine of mine: This is what I think we should do for Mimi's project at the beach: A music Video!!! It could be great and we could have such a good time. Maybe Uncle Tom or Jeremy and Kate could help so it could be cool!


family said...

That's awesome! See you on the beach in August doing a little "surfin USA".......I want to play,

family said...

Kim - Consider yourself signed up for Mimi's Project 2009!