Thursday, January 08, 2009

Today, just me and the waterfall...


While the peace and joy falls on the face

Of the one who stopped to hear the call

Of the tinkling, dancing waterfall.

m mulder

Until I went to the Oliver's this afternoon, I was alone, hiking and watching an abundance of freshly fallen rain water flowing down from all over the mountains, into the swollen swiftly moving creek. It reminded me...

"As the mountains, rivers and waterfalls become one, so must we~~"

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family said...

I know this place brings you peace and joy. Even through that exciting water fall film clip I know you find God there. But I had to chuckle watching the water......fall........
I love you.

family said...

Bo...I guess we will never "come together" about this nature watching thing, you are just much too busy to slow down enough! I can see you now, chuckling at me making film of water running. :) It's okay; you were lucky and got only the best parts of me! Thanks for reading chatterbox and indulging me.


juju said...

I know that sound! It brings so many thoughts to my mind. Yes, the thundering of the waterfalls was truly a sound I shall never forget.