Monday, January 05, 2009

An Unexpected Christmas Surprise!

Forgive me for the delay in this post, and for the quality of the pictures (I didn't know how to use my new camera yet - but I am going to learn from lessons that I also received!), regardless enjoy the good news...

'Twas the night before Christmas (well, maybe it was a couple of nights before was so busy around here that I forget), when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even the children (it was late and everyone had gone to bed except Kristin and Alan, her boyfriend for the past year or so. They had planned on going out for a romantic dinner when Shannon called and said that Aidan, who was spending the night at Shannon's house, along with Keegan, wanted to come home) - when Alan, pulling out a fake WalMart diamond ring, popped the big question to Kristin (in our living room!): "Will you marry me?"

Kristin said, "yes!" and the very next day they went shopping for Kristin's prefect ring and it became official.

Alan was a wonderful addition to our family during the holidays, and over the coming engagement period we hope to see more of him and to grow in our relationship. That brings to mind part of the oath of the Ya-Yas... "Our circle is open but unbroken." When you're family, we welcome you with open arms and trust you will make our circle stronger.

Alan lives in New York but his family lives in Atlanta. I am told that his destination is California! We look forward to seeing him when he is in town for visits. Alan, our door is always open. We liked the way you fit into our family!

We wish you, Kristin and the boys the best of everything.

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