Thursday, January 15, 2009

Words from the heart of Keegan

Keegan wrote this song tonight. It's so nice to have poetry flowing from him again, in one form or another....Love to all, Kristin

Starry Day

Today I woke, I rose
like a morning star,
maybe a late bloomer.

Then I thought, it started
like a rock,
yes just one rock.

Oh then, it
went just pop.
ooh, it's
fiery heart came out.

But just like that,
we passed it by,
like the others unnoticed.

Oh, pay attention
just look at me for a second.

Now I see that star,
that rock above,
just going pop.

Like they need one push.

Ooh, just like me.

One push

Maybe I, maybe
one push
on one starry night

Oh just one push
on a starry night

I am touched by what the children write, draw, paint and create through their imaginations and talent. Please take pictures of their creative work and send it to me so I can post them on Chatterbox. We need to celebrate these wonderful children and all they have been blessed with.


...This is a remarkable portrait that Isabelle did of her father. She did it in my studio with me as her teacher.

This painting Morgan did in a local art class.....

....Emily painted this painting for me for my Christmas gift this year, and Joe drew and colored the art work on this lovely journal for his gift to me...

William colors like a 5th grader and Aidan can make anything fly. Ford writes like Kate and Andrew gets a part in every school play and they all excel in school academics!

What fun it is to watch these children grow and bloom. It is the best part of getting old. I'm a proud Mimi. May you all continue to grow to be uniquely you.

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juju said...

What handsome and talented grandchildren. Awesome painting of Mike!