Friday, February 06, 2009


February 3rd (Keegan) and 5th (Emily) we celebrated two very special birthdays. We now have a couple of bran new ten year old cousins in the family!

Happy Birthday Keegan and Emily!

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juju said...

One decade! Wow!! Happy Birthday, Keegan and Emily.

Queenie said...

I remember just how much fun
birthday's can be and I know
Em and Keegan both had a wonderful
Much love,

Kristin said...

Keegan had a fun day of Laser Tag at my house. They kids built their own "forts" out of cardboard boxes and sheets, then ran around with an intensity of purpose and focus rarely seen in children. Our little friend Meliah, who is five, picked up a laser tag gun half her size, adjusted her velvet dress, and asked gleefully, "Who can I shoot?" I hope Emily had a wonderful birthday too!!