Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Utmost Hightest

This past weekend Terrence headed for Northcroft, opened up the house, swept the porches, cleaned the gutters and picked up fallen limbs and sticks from the grounds. After Emily’s birthday party on Friday night, I headed to the mountains Saturday morning to join him. Together we worked on making another bench by the camp fire ring and enjoyed just being outside in the invigorating sunshine.

Saturday evening, T and I went into town for shopping, dinner and to see a play called Marrying Walt, by James Walt, at the Blue Ridge Community Theater. It was a lovely day and the place is looking better for William’s first camp-out birthday party later this month.

1. Kate's talking tree. 2. creek side. 3. view from the tree house window. 4. fire ring. 5. The tree Kate planted from a sprout. 6. the camp site.

Terr left Sunday afternoon to go back to Atlanta so he could rest and also review his cases for the following week. I stayed to enjoy a few more hours of mountain air and to clean up the cabin.

Sunday night I turned out my bedside lamp somewhere around 1:00 a.m... After my eyes adjusted I realized the night was illuminated by a wonderful full moon! Well, I couldn't stand it, it would be another month before I would get to see it again and then I might not be here, where the moonlight dances off the creek and lights up the tin roof of the cabin. I jumped out of bed, threw on my jeans, grabbed a headlamp and my camera and headed outside into the moonlight. For one hour my eyes took in the beauty of the mountain night…

My only regret was that I wasn’t familiar enough with my new camera to take better pictures, but I still wanted you to see and I still want to remember. Mimi

1. The full moon. 2. front porch. 3. cabin's reflection. 4. Merry getting the camera @ 1 a.m.. 5. candle lite . 6. cabin at night.

"We all have moments when we feel better than ever before, and we say, 'I feel fit for anything; if only I could always be like this!' We are not meant to be. Those moments are moments of insight which we have to live up to even when we do not feel like it. Many of us are no good for the everyday world when we are not on the mountaintop. Yet we must bring our everyday life up to the standard revealed to us on the mountaintop when we were there. Never allow a feeling that was awakened in you on the mountaintop to evaporate. " My Utmost for His Highest, (Daily devotional)


juju said...

What a haven of rest! I saw that same beautiful moon. What a creator we have to give us such wonders. Northcroft beckons you to rest in His creation.

Kristin said...

Mimi, these are great pictures! I would love to get copies of some of your favorite photographs, to print out for my home. Would you be willing to distribute a CD of your favorites so far?

Thanks so much for bringing your sense of beauty to us.

family said...

J & K - Thank you for your sweet comments. You know I treasure them.

Kristin - I will happily send you any pictures you would like to have! I have thousands, tell me about what you are looking for and I will search for the best ones.

I loved reading your comments today, especially about Keegan's birthday.

I love you,


Queenie said...

What a wonderful time you two
had at NorthCroft. Don't you wish
for more time there together?
Good to work and play together!

family said...

To Mama...Yes, Yes, Yes! :)