Wednesday, February 18, 2009

William turns FIVE!

Happy Birthday to William!
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Queenie said...

Happy Birthday to my five year old
great-grandson who is the youngest
of my family. My oldest great-grandson recently turned 20 in Dec.
and second oldest turned 16 last
This must make my grandchildren pretty old, what about children.
Grandmother is not old.
Love to William, Nana

family said...

Oh, I just can't believe my little boy is 5 this day. He has been my joy and a real treat for our family. My day was filled with sweet memories and loving thoughts of this boy that God blessed me with 5 sweet years ago. I look forward to tomorrow knowing my faith lies in knowing that God has this boy just were he wants him. And regardless of my inadequecies, Gods plan will not be thwarted. I know he has a big plan for this boy. I rest at peace each night with that comfort in knowing William is His. And look at him, he just gets better each day---inside and out. thanks for celebrating this birth with us. I am one blessed momma! kim

juju said...

It is so easy to love you, William! Happy Birthday

family said...

"Poem to my Mother, on the way to school when I had peanut butter on my face.

I know why you licked your lips just after I kissed you. It was to take the kiss and put it into your heart...I know...I did the same."

Sure Thing, by Kate and Jeremy 2007

*Kim, You love your children just like I do mine...I know, I feel the same.