Saturday, July 19, 2008

Maine in July

What can I say...We're in Maine for a week and the first thing we thought of is getting our tummies filled with all the lobster that they could hold. After all, it was 4:00 in the afternoon and we hadn't eaten all day!

I put away the Lazy Lobster, that's about the equivalent of two, one and a quarter pound lobsters, removed from the shell and ready to eat! Terr, had clams and lobster....We were in Seafood heaven!

I'm sure tomorrow will bring more than food to delight us, but today we honor all ship captains that brought us such delectable shells fish to our table.

Samoset,, our resort hotel, is lovely. Our room in on the back of the hotel facing away from the sea (tomorrow promises a better room), but we are within a few steps of a lovely view of a light house in the bay.

We're tired from our day of travel. A good night's rest is anticipated. I'll let you know how Maine is tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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juju said...

Have a wonderful trip Aunt Merry and Uncle Terr!!!

juju said...

P.S. I'm quit jealous of all the seafood!!!!

Queenie said...

I don't want any food for a change.
But it sounds much better than
my crabs. Not much neater tho.
Have a good day.
Gerry and I are going to see Robert
tomorrow, Natali and Hugh are
driving us.

juju said...

Put me in the Flume Cottage!! Looks like a great place to be. Have a great time.

family said...

Juju...The Flume Cottage is $1,600.00 per night! Besides, Terr says when we went to events; I would complain that it would mess up my hair if we had to walk through the golf course, in the rain. I guess that wouldn't be so bad but the place has no A/C! ;)

Thanks for the well wishes. best to Uncle Robert and Aunt Jean. I am so glad you are going. Wish I were going too.

Kate said...

Everything is so beautiful! Glad you're having a good time. FYI, Jeremy and I walked out to that lighthouse when we were in Maine last fall. Can't wait to see you on Friday!

family said...

Kate...FYI, your Dad and I started to walk out to that lighthouse a couple of years ago when we first visited this place. The wind was blowing and I couldn't walk the rocky, uneven bridge. We had to turn back. I'm not sure if I’m going to try it again this time. The weather is still a little ruff.


family said...

I am very proud of Merry. She overcame her fear of falling (the broken stone slabs on the top of the breakworks were very uneven and had large gaps between them), and made it all the way to the lighthouse. We counted 3000 paces from one end to the other. It was a long walk! Terr.