Thursday, July 31, 2008


The internet banter is going strong with pre-vacation talk of everything from card game challenges to what will be served for dinner. We've touched on who's giving massages, juicers for mojitos, a pot that will hold nine children, Andrew making cakes and Issy making salads and who is making the monkey brains. Yes, the family is getting geared up for this year's week at the beach together. It's about this time every year that we start getting excited, so I'm sending out moments from last year to remind you of what we have to look forward to. See you all Saturday!


juju said...

I have to be the first to say...I hope you all have a great time!!!!
Love you all and be careful.

Queenie said...

I wish you cool weather at least a
cool house.
Be safe and have great fun.

juju said...

Take me away!! That is the least you could do on my Birthday. I love that groundhog.