Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Venture into the Sea

The long breakwater goes out into the sea, almost a mile, protecting the Rockland Harbor. I tried two years ago to walk it's length, and failed. The wind was blowing and the tide was up; my fear of bridges took over and I just couldn't make the walk to the enchanting looking lighthouse at the end.

Yesterday, holding on to the strong hand of my patient husband, I tried again. With my eyes looking down every step of the way, as not to step in the crevices, and my back hurting from the tension of the journey, I did it! I made it to the Lighthouse!

Tomorrow I will venture out, in a boat, into the sea. I am trying to live these moments fully.

(My thoughts are with Mike and Kim as they await word about their father's recovery from open heart surgery.)-mpc

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juju said...

Way to go Aunt Merry!!!

Queenie said...

She has on a pink blouse. Gosh you look so young.
Worse than Hugh's bridge?

Kate said...

m so impressed!!!! Jeremy and I did that walk last fall, and I remember that it was a long and perilous one :) My mom...walking on piers AND wearing pink??? You're a whole new woman!

juju said...

Do something exciting everyday, Just don't fall off!!!