Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another great trip to the Boro

My roots run deep in Tennessee. I love it when time slows down and I can play with kittens, horses, fish and have long talks with my mother and sister. Doesn't get any better than that. I just wish I didn't miss my husband and the rest of my Atlanta family so much. Guess it's time to go home.


Queenie said...

What a full, wonderful visit we
had this time. It is so good to
have deep roots, somewhere.
I love our visits, Merry, thanks
to you and Terrence wor out time

juju said...

So much of life to enjoy. Glad you didn't get the real excitement on film. Glad I am here to tell you that! Let's continue to enjoy home and each other and all of life, together.

family said...

To Mom...Every moment together is a gift for which I am grateful. I had a great week end!

To Judy...you were riding so beautifully, why would I ever tell about you falling off that horse and him dragging you 10 or 20 feet? I was so very proud that you got up and walked into the barn (where he quickly went after getting rid of you), got back in the saddle and rode right back on to the track, showing him who was boss! Proving that you are a better woman than I would have been!

If I were able to do that, perhaps one day, we could ride that plantation of yours and Louis' together! I’m just not sure my old brittle bones could take it. ;)


Kate said...

The idea of you two traversing the landscape on horseback is absolutely wonderful. Do it!

Also, Mom, Nana, and Judy - I have a book recommendation for you all: "The Last American Man" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Nana, you'll like it because it's a biography, and Judy and Mom, you'll like it because it's about a modern American cowboy - renowned outdoorsman, horseman, Appalachian, and Man of Destiny Eustace Conway. I'm just finishing it - it's not too long, big print, and the style is is informal and fun to read, so not too threatening, as biographies go. Check it out!

family said...

Kate-Thanks for the recommendation. Looks like my kind of book. I will pick it up today, read it while traveling, then pass it on to Mom and Judy.

Queenie said...