Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Towers and Tall Tales...

Nothing much happened today....except;
I rescued Terr from a tower that was at the top of the world.

...And I am thankful for answered prayers, good health and a lovely cool place to rest and relax. I can only hope that Gene (my bird) and Beta Blue (my fish) are surviving at the Heath.
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Kate said...

Oh you kids.


Cool tower!

juju said...

just beautiful!!!

Queenie said...

I told you about Beta Blue. You should wait until after these two
vacations. I know all is well.
That is if he doesn't over eat like
me. Looks like great fun. Enjoy!

Queenie said...

Wish I could tell you you also have some baby Dalmatians, but I
have watched her with a keen eye
the past four or five days and she
does not look like she did when
you bought her. Q

juju said...

What wonderful pictures. Enjoy the moment. We love you.