Monday, July 28, 2008

Final on Maine...

Let's see, where was I? Oh, yes...without question, the final days in Maine were our best. We left the Samoset Resort and headed to a charming little place called Popham Beach B&B.
On our way, we of course stopped for seafood and at an alpaca farm. Well, not "of course" an Alpaca farm, but none the less we did stop at one, got diplomas in raising Alpacas, and bought a coat for me!

We arrived at our Bed and Breakfast and I fell in love with its charm. It was once a Life Saving Station, so it was rich in history as well perfectly positioned on a lovely sandy beach (unlike most of Maine, which has a rocky shoreline). Fog constantly rolled in and out, so the lighthouse horns blew every two minutes and flashed their light throughout the night. That sound, along with the seagulls, the waves crashing, and the wind blowing through the open windows, gave me a feeling of a romantic moment from a movie made about the sea.

The next morning, I enjoyed breakfast with four other house guests and Peggy (the owner), while Terrence took off to the airport to pick up Kate and Jeremy. It was lovely...all the sights and sounds were there in the quaint dining room, along with interesting introductions from the other guests and stories of Popham from Peggy.

When J and K arrived, we explored the house, its books and artifacts. Kate felt just as I knew she would; we both felt there was no need to go anywhere else during our stay- it was perfect.

The house was out done only by our adventures at the beach!

We also took in a couple of wonderful old forts near by; Fort Popham (built circa 1860) and Fort Baldwin (1905).

Other sweet highlight that I just can't leave out, came from Kate's camera...Great photographer that she is....
As I say good bye to Maine I am reminded that goods things happen every day. Today is no exception... Our lovely Molly is 42 years young today and yesterday, Ford became a teenager. Now that's something to marvel about.

Happy Birthday Molly and Ford!
You are loved by us.

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Queenie said...

Once she wore a pink fashion, now
today she wears blue. You look
beautiful in color.
Lovely place, lovely people.