Monday, June 13, 2011

A Poem for my Mother

It’s your birthday, lovely lady,
my wish for you is pure.

I wish for you more birthdays,
with only comfort to endure.

I wish bird songs and Ill Divo serenades,
visits from family and friends galore.

I wish good memories of a happy life,
now’s the time to reflect and adore.

I wish you long talks with Jesus,
so He continues to fill your heart.

I wish for more time together,
for I’ve loved you from my start.

I write my poem to please you,
from the heart of the child in me.

For you’ve given me a mother’s love,
and that’s the way that it should be.

by: Merry
For you 84th birthday


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juju said...

Ok, Sis I'll add poetry to your talents. Beautiful poem to honor Mom's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Queenie said...

Lovely Daughter, Thank you for the poem, You are your Great-Grandmothers great-grandaughter.
We have all tried to claim this
talent but actually, Ma is the only one to be published.
Thank you for every sign of LOVE.
I see them all.