Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kate/Simon with us at Northcroft

Our weekend at Northcroft brought...
1.  Rain.
2. The discovery that four or five trees had fallen on Egypt.
3. Simon making Shepard's Pie with lamb.
4. Terr, Kate and Simon went Zip Lining in Blue Ridge, while I took pictures.
5. To assess the damage, Kate and Simon suited up to kill a nest of bees in the tangled mess around Egypt.

Kate and Simon will leave soon to travel throught the South...who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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Kate said...

what an awesome weekend! thank you both for all the fun :)

Anonymous said...

You have me beat --you are now the officially crown "Mrs. Hair Net" Queen....take your bow Kate!

I love you.

fweakijam said...

No hair nets (or other safety measures) in Blue Ridge besides no one could possibly out do you as "The Hair Net Queen"! I can hear you now, whooping all the way down the zip line! You're a vacation of fun regardless of what you do.


juju said...

Didn't know Blue Ridge has so much to offer. I guess Terr will have to do it again when we come??? Enjoy your precious time with Kate.

Queenie said...

I miss out on so much! Could have done it last year, but at 84, you j ust have to put away childish
things, and act grown-up. Not much
fun to do at 84.

pie rox said...

that looks so much fun!! although, we had even more fun in st. lucia going ziplining. You are jealous. i know. i am glad u got to spend time with your daughter mimis poos. Looks like it was a lot of fun. You rock!! love ya!!!