Thursday, June 09, 2011

My Italian Birthday Party!

Beginning with Kimberly, my incredible Atlanta family got together and gave me a night to remember for my birthday.  Kimberly set a lovely table for an Italian feast. 
Kim worked tirelessly making everything delicious and authentic: appertizer of chips with an incredible dip, antipasti, delicate lemon dressed salad (by Mary) pancetta carbonara and fantastically fresh bread.  The fine wine came from Molly and Shannon and Andrew topped it off with his famous pound cake, served with a huge bowl of strawberries!   Listen to me...could not have been any better!
(That's Molly and sous-chief, Tom at the table, on the left.)

It was a GRAND kind of birthday celebration!  Really thoughtful gifts along with many warm wishes.

My Regas babies gave me a special smile and it lit up my world.

Shannon and Mary modeled my and Kim's new, fashion, beach hats.  Look out Grayton, here we come!

Later we watched almost an hour of Mimi's Italy video while Grandad narrated.

Thank you family for being so attentive and interested.

Thank you Kimberly for coming up with and executing such a lovely evening.

 You guys make me so proud to be called Mom/Mimi.

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juju said...

Beautiful table and lovely party. Can't get much better than that. Time marches on, but somethings get better. Hats off to Kim for staging another special event like only she can, Again, Happy Birthday