Monday, June 06, 2011

Oh my goodness, VBS begins today!

...if you didn't recognize the Pirate, it's our own Captain Tom playing the part to open Apostle's week of Vacation Bible School.  Looks to be a fun time!  (His reference for the job came from Grayton Beach and Shannon's Pirate night!)


Queenie said...

Did not recognize Capt. Tom, a little dizzy but I am too so two
bads make a good. A fun week for lots of Vacation Bible Schoolers.
Gaege is staying in the Boro for
Bible School.

family said...

Black Beard's the name, saving children's his game and I hear he comes to VBS almost every day except the days he has to go out and take care of the dolphins (that is when he can't get away from the office for an hour or two!).