Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Keegan and Emily!

Has it really been a year since Keegan and Emily had a birthday? Are the twins of the combined Regas/Croft family really turning ELEVEN years old? YES, YES, YES!

In 1999, from the West coast to the East coast our daughters gave birth to two special blessings on the 3rd and the 5th days of February and we are still celebrating. Birthday wishes go out to Keegan and Emily, our hearts filled with gratitude for the day you were born. You help complete this family and we wish you much joy on your eleventh birthdays!

My God continue to bless you and grow you strong.


family said...

Happy Birthday, you two 11 year olds. I'm humbled by the passing of time. And excited about what the future holds. Happy Birthday.....I love you both.
Mom/Aunt Kim

Queenie said...

So much fun - - -birthdays.
parties, gifts, attention for our
day and soon we are adults.
Not so much fun then. In no time you are 82. Enjoy all things, fun,
happy and young, Emmy and Keegan.
It will be your job to make our
world a better place. I believe
an old gentleman, Harry Truman, a
former President of our country, just a plain man said, "We
must build a new world a far better
world - one in which the eternal
dignity of man is respected."
We depend on you young sweet ones
to put our country in another
direction.Always be a good citizen

fweakijam said...

Mom- Such wise words of wisdom coming from the Great Grandmother...That's your job. :)