Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WILLIAM - 2/18/04


Kim and Tom's youngest child

Our youngest Grandchild,



Queenie said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow,
Will-um um um ! I love you little
one, you are Nana's littlest little
great-grandson. But wait until
July, There will be a little girl
who will be the littlest one.
Her name will be Addilyn.

Have a happy party.

fweakijam said...

Nana - Believe it or not I did look for a picure of you and William for "Nana's youngest great-grandson" but I couldn't find one and I was just too tired to stay up any longer. I'm so glad you gave him his due, even though it will be for just a little while longer! It will be good to have another baby in the family!

family said...

My little boy is growing up. And I really like him!! What a treat he is in our family. God knew better than I. I just know he'll be a might man of God one day...after he gets past his curiousity of life (William in the OB/GYN office this week, "Mommy, what are these? Mommy's reply "they are to put your feet in", William "why", Mommy, "so the doctor can look at your belly", William, "but why"? (repeatedly)
Happy 6th birthday my angel.....God be with you.

tschafee said...

Thanks for your sweet post, Mimi. We do love our little Will. And love to celebrate another year with him. Except for the growing older part. But I guess that's part of life for all of us.

juju said...

What a blessing you are, Will. It has been fun to watch you grow. Happy Birthday!