Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lunch with Molly and Shannon

I just had the most lovely driver pick me up from my house and take me to pick up her husband, then off to a delightful lunch at a Thai restaurant called, Spoon.

After lunch we went back to the Joseph Brown Whitehead Health Services Building and had a quick tour of Dr. Shannon's office before his 1:00 patient arrived.

Needless to say this Mimi felt loved, appreciated and full of pride as these two successful children brought me into their working lives.

I saw Molly's office when she first moved into her new office so now I can say I know where they both spend their days. Shannon's office was distinguished by a couple of comfortable talking chairs, a few dinosaurs scattered about, Curious George sleeping in a Radio-Flyer wagon and a few other odd objects that tickle his fancy. I also noticed many awards (not so prominently displayed) and a green water bottle from our last Grayton Beach trip.

As I reflect, I think, "What a nice thing for them to do." Thank you Molly, for making it possible and oh, so easy. Thank you Shannon, lunch was delicious and with you and Molly, the conversation was easy.


Queenie said...

Well - - How easy, sounds like
a splindid day. Congrats, Shannon
on the new office and position
near Molly. I wish you happiness
always in your careers. Nana

family said...

Are you sure this isn't the office down the hall from yours? Doesn't look a thing like the room you keep at Grayton! Who are you and what have you done to Shannon???????

juju said...

What a great thing to see the work place of family. Sounds like Shannon and Molly have figured out how to make the best of family, careers and still have time left over.