Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Competitions...

In her second year, therefore knowing what to expect, Morgan was relaxed and very confident at this year's first rock climbing competition which took place in Athens, this week end.

Morgan placed 3rd in the "difficulty" competition and 5th in the "speed" competition. She had never competed for speed before, so she was happy all around with her placement!

Way to go Morgan!!

Ford withstood two very cold, first Woodward baseball games this weekend. It was a double-header in which they lost the first but won the second. (I understand it was so cold that Shannon sat on the bleachers and froze all day! Good thing Grandad was nice warm at the Pinewood Derby...see below.) In addition to pitching well (four innings), he got on base a lot and had a few RBIs.

Meanwhile on the North end of town, William and his Dad entered their car in the Pinewood Derby Race. He proudly won a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the four elimination rounds he ran! William is the third child to be active in this wonderful family tridition.

Let's see, Mike and Joe hit golf balls today and are enjoying the USA Hockey game as I write.

Issy is playing a game with her Soccer team. (I'm waiting for the score!)

Emily and Andrew are working on their new blogs! (Check my side bar for later references.): and

Oh, and Grandad went for a spin with an old friend (the Judge) this afternoon after church. If you are not listed and have something you want me to post, send me an email!! Have a good week everybody. How about my California boys? How is play practic going? I know the show is coming up in a couple of weeks! Break-a -leg boys!! (I want to see pictures in costume...please!)


family said...

Wow. Everyone is busy! On a less exciting note, I worked all weekend and came up $20,000 over budget on a project that I have to present this morning! Try capturing that in a blog!!!
Gdiddy looks great on cycle. Hard to believe that old fart will be 70 soon. Shouldn't you put a handicap sign in the windshield??????
So much love.

juju said...

Looks like never a dull moment for grandkids and grandterr, Have the kids tried all the sports??? What about curling?

family said...

No luck with curlers in my family. I can't even get them to curl their hair.....