Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Basketball kind of Day...

Today found Granddad and me at a girls basketball game starring our own little ISSY (#4) . Okay, starring may be a little strong, but in our eyes we could see no other. Not only is she beautiful to watch she also has a determination and effort that sets her apart. I love the way this girl tries and experiences every aspect of life.

Brother Joe was there to cheer her on and Granddad yelled the loudest. ;) Unfortunately, Joe has a cast on his arm (long story short, he was skating backwards and fell over someone who went down in his path.) and couldn't play his game today; but I am told that he has been invited to Cooperstown, NY, in June, for the national baseball playoffs!

It wasn't long after getting home from the game that I got an email from California (Brian as well as one from Kristin!) that featured a great photograph of Keegan scoring in his basketball game! I think we had a family day of hard working achievers to be proud of. Go TEAM!

(Keegan and Aidan are still in rehearsals for Oliver and Andrew and Emily for Beauty and the Beast. Ford is getting ready for baseball try outs and Morgan is still climbing to great heights.)

My, my, you guys are hard to keep up with!

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Queenie said...

And we thought having tea for two
at midnight was fun.
This is what fun really is,,,,,,,
I guess.