Friday, January 22, 2010

Keegan and Aidan in OLIVER!

I am proud to announce that Keegan and Aidan are in their second week of rehearsals for the professional production, put on at the playhouse in San Anselmo, of Oliver Twist. Aidan is on stage most of the play as he is in the core ensemble and Keegan is playing the role of the skillful, cunning, pickpocket, Artful Dodger. I understand they both are doing an outstanding job and having "tons of fun". I also hear that Keegan has a perfect cockney accent, amazing memory, beautiful voice and is a natural actor! (The family has already figured that out as both boys were stars in Mimi's summer project when they performed in Romeo and Juliet!)

The play will open the weekend of March 12-14, and we are definitely looking forward to a CD screening this summer at Grayton Beach!

Break-a-leg boys and don't learn too many nasty tricks from that evil old man, Fagin!

(A sample of Keegan's Artful Dodger role.)


Queenie said...

How perfectly cute. Children have
so much opportunity today.
Wouldn't you love to see the

Kate said...

That's fantastic. I can't think of a better fit for the artful dodger that Keegan. Can't wait to see footage!!!