Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tea for two after midnight

This week my brother turned 60. I went to my hometown to visit my mother and to honor this special occasion. We had a wonderful few days to make memories and to embrace our time together.

This past Christmas a grandchild brought a friend from Thailand into our family gathering; she gave a gift of fabulous tea flowers to my mother. On our last night together, at midnight, we decided to experience the tea flowers and have a mother-daughter tea mother and I...
Thank you, Fellie, from Thailand, it made for a lovely and special event for us to share...Another memory to cherish. I am grateful.

Tea for Two from Merry Croft on Vimeo.

(Another thank you goes out to my sister and her husband for having us out to their beautiful home and making us a delicious dinner. Take it from me...there is nothing like good family. Remember to embrace it.)


Queenie said...

I love you, too, darling daughter.
We sure do enjoy our tea for two
time, don't we?
First at Grey Garden now our own
special tea time with our flower
tea. In the last picture the flower is beautiful. Much love and missing you, as always when you go home.
Praise God for you saft travel.

juju said...

Merry, only you ,can make a Tea party so special. Thank you, Felly, for the so very special tea. We are ordering more on the internet.

juju said...
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juju said...

I am very glad that you like tea flower and have a very special tea party. that's very wonderful ^__^

From Felly