Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kim Gets a Room in the 2010 Decorator Show House!

I had the privilege of accompanying daughter, Kimberly, to explore and measure the room she was awarded, in the 2010 Decorator Show House, on Tuxedo Road.

I was so proud watching her work, measuring every nook and cranny and spouting out wonderful ideas as she moved around the room. She was so confident and I found myself wanting her ideas for my very own!

Take a good look so you can be in on the transformation of this non-descript, faux painted room (a bar, maybe?). I think she will give it a dramatic make-over and in a couple of months it will be worth the price of admission. I expect you will all want to come and see her success!

Good Luck Bo! I know the talent is there.


juju said...

Congratulations, Kimbo. Hope I can come and see the transformation.

family said...

How about those tennis shoes! Must be a snobby decorator wearing those things........
Thanks for the support, Mom!