Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Future Teacher...

 When my niece, Abigail, was a little girl she taught every doll and friend that came into her make-believe class room.  Playing school was her favorite thing to do and there was never a doubt what she would be when she grew up.   She is now a teacher with a real classroom that looks much like I would have expected it to look, perfectly in order with lots of attention to detail.  She loves her job just like she loved playing it, not so long ago!

I mention Abby because I am seeing a repeat story in my granddaughter Isabelle’s life.  Although she has many interests, she spends much of her time in her specially designed classroom, teaching her stuffed animals (only eight at a time), writing test papers and grading them, keeping current bulletin boards and good behavior charts.

Emily went with me recently to take notes while I interviewed Issy and snapped photographs of this future teacher.

Isabelle's special class room is but two steps up from her own lovely, well appointed bedroom.  It is hard not to stop and stay awhile in her room filled with bright colors and loads of lovely, girlie treasures.  But, for this day we are interested in Issy's passion for TEACHING! 

Glimpse of Issy's bedroom

Issy shows us up to her class room.
Issy is up to date with all the latest teaching tools and she uses ALL of them!  What student wouldn't want to be in her wonderfully whimsical classroom.  It's a child's paradise.
At the white board, the teacher introduces herself to her class.
Visiting student and Mimi's blog stenographer. 
Miss Regas
While there we explored the world using her special globe, to see were Nicaragua was located.  We looked at the very old dictionary that once belonged to her Papa (Emily's too).  We read her rules, looked at her math papers and decided that she, like Abby and her Aunt Carol before her,  will make an excellent teacher when she graduates from the pink and green classroom above her bedroom.

Thanks for sharing, Isabelle!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend events

Emily and I shared a day of her Spring Break painting pottery and going for a visit at the Regas household.
Mary showed us the results of her fabulous workout room,
 The stunning new wine celler,
and Isabelle's stylish room as well as the "classroom" where she teaches (see blog at a later date!).
Learned that Bethann and Adrienne got a new puppy.

Michael and Isabelle attended this years Father-Daughter Dance. What a handsome couple they make!
Andrew returned  from a wonderfully uplifting mission retreat and everyone enjoyed being back together, relaxing on the new sofa.

Ford and Joe played baseball in between rain drops and Morgan agreed to spend a few days with me on her Spring Break the first week of April!  (See that too on a later blog!)

Grandad and I are Greeters at church on Sunday, where we will later give thanks for our blessings.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Quote from Aidan from Alan ...

Aidan says funny things every day.

Today we were watching a commercial for ING Bank.  The commercial asked people to think about their retirement number.

I turned to Aidan and asked, "How much money do you want to have when you retire?"

He replied, "$17 billion so that I can be an old person with a jet pack." ...

Grandad wishes he had thought of that!  

Have a good day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sharing my day with you...

This morning I donned my trusty old boots and headed for a long anticipated hike  to the waterfall .  The day was perfectly warm and beautiful.

I stopped many times along the way to snap  photos of old familiar sights that never fail to move me each time I'm here...
Up or down the Fightingtown.
After climbing to the top of the hill I realized it had been too long and too many pounds ago since I have tested my endurance.
But the views along the way encouraged me to keep on making this journey.  I should always keep going, no matter how slowed down I might become.
The water was moving quickly through the small tributaries in the valley below the road I was traveling...
as well as alongside it.
 I began the climb up the mountain trail to the waterfall.  I stopped halfway up to catch my breath and try my skills with the self timer.

I made my way down the ever narrowing path towards the falls.  The sound was thunderous as it revealed itself to me in all it's glory.

I sat down on the mossy bank and watched for a long, long time...
bottom of the falls

top of the falls 
first signs of spring

What beautiful, beautiful sights to behold.
I give them to you. 
full pool

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kristin Celebrates a Birthday!

Kristin, attorney at law, partner in her own law firm, wife of Alan, mother of Keegan and Aidan, has little time for counting birthdays, but celebrating is certainly in order for this successful daughter!  And in between the ball games her sons are playing, I hope she will find time to feel the special love and good wishes we're sending out to the West Coast!

Alan tell me that Kristin spends a good deal of her down time going on walks with him and watching a little "trashy" TV.  She is into Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly HillsGene Simmons, and The Hills.  "Monday will be a big day for us as we watch the finale of The Bachelor!"  Well, I guess everyone needs to escape the real world every once in a while.                    

Kristin is also a bit addicted to her e-reader, the Nook.  "It is what helps her calm down after a hectic day before falling asleep."  (Now that's a habit most of the family shares!)

I can also tell you that she calls her father and me every so often to just chat, catching us up with her life and those of the rest of her family.  She lets us talk and ask questions for as long as we like, never acting rushed as we know she must be.

Trying to give the boys a great spring break this year, Kristin and Alan took them to Washington DC for a look at our nation's capital.
We're thinking of you Kris and sending you wishes for a very 

(The above pictures were made during a recent trip to Northern California.)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun photos from the Regas' Spring Break

Looks like an exciting time in Keystone!

(I know these were on FB but I wanted to have them documented in the Chatterbox archives.)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Ready - Set - Go!

Baseball season is in full swing!

Last Saturday Keegan pitched for the first three and a half innings (a no-hitter) and also was a few feet shy of a homerun on his first at-bat.  The ball hit the wall at center field and even dented the sponsor's sign!!  Keegan's team (Red Sox) won their game in the Majors, as did the Tigers (Aidan's team, coached by Alan) in the Minors.  The Tigers blew out last year's Minors champions, 11-5.  Aidan was second in the batting order, sacrificed his first at-bat and hit a single later in the game.  His hitting is strong this year, and he's a great fielder. 
Aidan calls Alan "coach" on the field.  Alan is coaching his team!  
(Thanks to Kristin for the sports update and fabulous pictures!)

Wishing a winning season to Ford, Joe, Keegan and Aidan (and for Nana, the BRAVES)!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Seussical The Musical!

Snaps from Andrew and Emily's Jr. High production (from the works of Dr. Seuss),
 "Seussical The Musical".
 A delightful play for the young and old alike, that proved (thanks to Horton and the people of Who) 
that "People are people no matter how small."
Excellent performance!

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Molly and Ford are on a ski trip in Utah!  Molly has bravely taken to the slippery slopes and is doing a good job for her first time skiing, but she tells me that Ford rides the snow like a duck on water!

Morgan has her Spring Break at a different time from Ford, so she and Shannon are back home attending work and school as usual.  Their vacation will have to come later.  When it's her turn, I wonder if Morgan will prefer climbing mountains as to sliding down them?

Meanwhile back in Park City, Molly and Ford are staying at a luxurious home with a beautiful view from the hot tub.  They are also sharing some special time with Molly's locally located  cousins.

It's Spring Break for the Regas family and, like Molly and Ford, they too are on the ski slopes, but they traveled to Colorado's Rocky Mountains at Keystone.  I found this photo on facebook,and I  will post more pictures if I receive them.  (Isabelle and her Dad had just come from a Mardi Gras party where Issy acquired many beads and a  lovely mask.)

Everybody have a wonderful time, but DON'T break-a-leg like Andrew and Emily are doing this week in their Jr. High School Musical performances!

Let's hear from California!  Do you have a Spring Break and  how are you planning on spending it?  (Aidan, I just got home from a visit with my mother and heard your sweet voice on my answering machine.  Thank you for the call.  It sure made me miss you.  I hope to find a time we can talk real soon...do you have Skype on your computer?)

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Andrew on a Mission

Andrew is looking far beyond himself these days; he is looking ahead to a mission trip with 25 other classmates.

They will be leaving a week from Saturday for Wise, VA, where  they will be doing service projects and other community activities that will keep them busy from morning 'till night.  The kids return on Thursday.  This is the week of their Spring Break.

In preparation for the trip, there have been many  meetings for team building. Plus, they have had an overnight where the team members grew closer by sharing their life stories with the group.  I know many of you have already, generously, financially supported this endeavor that Andrew has taken on, so let's continue that support by keeping  him and his team mates in our thoughts and prayers.  Serving others is an admirable and Godly thing to do.

Andrew, may your reward be great, for I am for sure you will get more than you give.  It is promised.  

We are proud of you.

P.S.  Andrew and Emily can be seen in the Wesleyan Jr. Player's performance of "Seussical the Musical" from March 10th through 12th at Powell Theater on the school's campus.  The cast will bring to life the beloved books of Dr. Seuss