Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Future Teacher...

 When my niece, Abigail, was a little girl she taught every doll and friend that came into her make-believe class room.  Playing school was her favorite thing to do and there was never a doubt what she would be when she grew up.   She is now a teacher with a real classroom that looks much like I would have expected it to look, perfectly in order with lots of attention to detail.  She loves her job just like she loved playing it, not so long ago!

I mention Abby because I am seeing a repeat story in my granddaughter Isabelle’s life.  Although she has many interests, she spends much of her time in her specially designed classroom, teaching her stuffed animals (only eight at a time), writing test papers and grading them, keeping current bulletin boards and good behavior charts.

Emily went with me recently to take notes while I interviewed Issy and snapped photographs of this future teacher.

Isabelle's special class room is but two steps up from her own lovely, well appointed bedroom.  It is hard not to stop and stay awhile in her room filled with bright colors and loads of lovely, girlie treasures.  But, for this day we are interested in Issy's passion for TEACHING! 

Glimpse of Issy's bedroom

Issy shows us up to her class room.
Issy is up to date with all the latest teaching tools and she uses ALL of them!  What student wouldn't want to be in her wonderfully whimsical classroom.  It's a child's paradise.
At the white board, the teacher introduces herself to her class.
Visiting student and Mimi's blog stenographer. 
Miss Regas
While there we explored the world using her special globe, to see were Nicaragua was located.  We looked at the very old dictionary that once belonged to her Papa (Emily's too).  We read her rules, looked at her math papers and decided that she, like Abby and her Aunt Carol before her,  will make an excellent teacher when she graduates from the pink and green classroom above her bedroom.

Thanks for sharing, Isabelle!


Issy said...

im just cool like that!!!

juju said...

Issy, I can tell by the way you write on your white board that you are a natural at teaching.. My Abby writes perfectly straight across with beautiful block letters. Don't graduate too fast from your classroom, we don;t want you to grow up too fast.