Monday, March 14, 2011

Ready - Set - Go!

Baseball season is in full swing!

Last Saturday Keegan pitched for the first three and a half innings (a no-hitter) and also was a few feet shy of a homerun on his first at-bat.  The ball hit the wall at center field and even dented the sponsor's sign!!  Keegan's team (Red Sox) won their game in the Majors, as did the Tigers (Aidan's team, coached by Alan) in the Minors.  The Tigers blew out last year's Minors champions, 11-5.  Aidan was second in the batting order, sacrificed his first at-bat and hit a single later in the game.  His hitting is strong this year, and he's a great fielder. 
Aidan calls Alan "coach" on the field.  Alan is coaching his team!  
(Thanks to Kristin for the sports update and fabulous pictures!)

Wishing a winning season to Ford, Joe, Keegan and Aidan (and for Nana, the BRAVES)!

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NatHug said...

What good support I have for my
sport. Lets all have a great summer.
My son brought me a great huge screen so that I could enjoy the
games on big screen. Awesome. Have lots of fun Aidanm Keegn, Ford and
Joe. Lers have lots of fun,