Friday, March 18, 2011

Sharing my day with you...

This morning I donned my trusty old boots and headed for a long anticipated hike  to the waterfall .  The day was perfectly warm and beautiful.

I stopped many times along the way to snap  photos of old familiar sights that never fail to move me each time I'm here...
Up or down the Fightingtown.
After climbing to the top of the hill I realized it had been too long and too many pounds ago since I have tested my endurance.
But the views along the way encouraged me to keep on making this journey.  I should always keep going, no matter how slowed down I might become.
The water was moving quickly through the small tributaries in the valley below the road I was traveling...
as well as alongside it.
 I began the climb up the mountain trail to the waterfall.  I stopped halfway up to catch my breath and try my skills with the self timer.

I made my way down the ever narrowing path towards the falls.  The sound was thunderous as it revealed itself to me in all it's glory.

I sat down on the mossy bank and watched for a long, long time...
bottom of the falls

top of the falls 
first signs of spring

What beautiful, beautiful sights to behold.
I give them to you. 
full pool


Kate said...

So familiar, this journey. Thank you for documenting it so beautifully and sharing it with us. I think of the mountains every day and hold it in my heart. I am so glad that you are there in the arms of our mountains. I love you <3

juju said...

Reminds me of Kate's poem. "The Thundering of the Waterfalls"

fweakijam said...

Often the things I do here remind me of Kate, even though I've been wondering these mountains alone for almost 10 years. It has become my place of solitude, my youth, my yesterday...yet somehow, still my promise of tomorrow. My alone doesn't feel so alone when I am here.

Kristin Pedersen said...

Beautiful. Thanks, Mimi.

:+: Felly's :+: said...

it is a beautiful time of the year
every where look so pretty ^__^

NatHug said...

Loved your post, especially the
sound of the waterfalls.

Leigh said...

I always love your post and pictures. You make me think and dream of different places! I've looked at Kate's pictures and I know where she gets her picture site from!

I also need to say that Hugh, you and Nat have your Blog name mixed up it should be HugNat!