Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Molly and Ford are on a ski trip in Utah!  Molly has bravely taken to the slippery slopes and is doing a good job for her first time skiing, but she tells me that Ford rides the snow like a duck on water!

Morgan has her Spring Break at a different time from Ford, so she and Shannon are back home attending work and school as usual.  Their vacation will have to come later.  When it's her turn, I wonder if Morgan will prefer climbing mountains as to sliding down them?

Meanwhile back in Park City, Molly and Ford are staying at a luxurious home with a beautiful view from the hot tub.  They are also sharing some special time with Molly's locally located  cousins.

It's Spring Break for the Regas family and, like Molly and Ford, they too are on the ski slopes, but they traveled to Colorado's Rocky Mountains at Keystone.  I found this photo on facebook,and I  will post more pictures if I receive them.  (Isabelle and her Dad had just come from a Mardi Gras party where Issy acquired many beads and a  lovely mask.)

Everybody have a wonderful time, but DON'T break-a-leg like Andrew and Emily are doing this week in their Jr. High School Musical performances!

Let's hear from California!  Do you have a Spring Break and  how are you planning on spending it?  (Aidan, I just got home from a visit with my mother and heard your sweet voice on my answering machine.  Thank you for the call.  It sure made me miss you.  I hope to find a time we can talk real you have Skype on your computer?)

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