Saturday, November 19, 2011

Starting the college tours!

Kim, Tom and crew hosted Shannon, Molly and Ford to Berry College for one of many College visits that Ford has been (and will be) making before deciding where to go to school next year.

The perks of this visit was that you could horse around with your cousins instead of working hard to look like you know what your doing!

Ford even tried out the baseball field while the others cheered. this could be an Omen!

Anyway, it was a good experience; Tom and Kim got to go back to where they spent much of their happy youth, Andrew got to start his tours early and practice his driving, Ford broadened his knowledge of how schools can look different, I'm sure William got to run around and the family had a lot of fun together!

Good luck Ford! We know you will do well where ever you land and we'll keep a light on for you.


Queenie said...

What fun ! and without Mo?

juju said...

I just love that campus. I remember a beautiful wedding there some years ago and some sweet overnighters in the cabins with two precious little girls.

tschafee said...

It was a good time. We even gave Ford a quiz. His score will definitely affect his admission. But he also has the backing of Miss Berry 1988, which helps. We missed Morgan as she was at a mandatory climb event. It was fun to be able to tour a family member around as a prospective student.