Thursday, November 03, 2011

Opening Night of Pygmalion

Emily (SISTER) and Kimberly (MOM) congratulate ANDREW on his opening night performance as the love sick, Freddy, in Bernard Shaw's, Pygmalion (the original, nonmusical version of "My Fair Lady").  Excellent character acting, Andrew, just flawless!  Hope the show has a great run!  Break-a-leg!!

P.S.  Freddy looked a lot like Grandad in his three piece suite...:)

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Queenie said...

Oh how I would love to see these 18great-grandchildren grow into men and women. I know it will be interesting for the rest of you to see. However, I know that your parents, Ken, Anna, Leigh, Mike, Jason, Matt, Tonya, Mike, Mary, Tom, Kim, Shannon, Molly, Chad, Lisa, will do a awesome job in directing you into your adulthood. My prayer isfor both generations to to flourish as great citizens.