Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am thankful for beautiful, bright students that I call GRAND

Grandad and I were treated to a very special day today.   First an early morning stop for Grandparents' Day at St. Martin’s.  Isabelle greeted us, and confidently did her job as hostess, showing us the elementary students' art work and the plans and progress of the school’s new building program.  We were treated to a lovely breakfast, songs from the children and touching stories about their grandparents, told by a number of selected students.   It is plain to see why Joe and Issy are doing so well academically!

After leaving, we headed for Roswell to have turkey dinner with William at his school.  As he came off the play ground and spotted us, we were again greeted with a big smile and a welcoming hug.  It was pajama day at River Eves (last day at school before Thanksgiving break), anyway, William promptly pulled clean clothes from his book bag and hurried into the bathroom to change so he could properly take us to lunch.   It was a good thing too, since his classmates thought Grandad (dashingly dressed in a dark three piece suit) might have been a “presidential candidate”!  William follows suit on tie-day Friday and everyday he just plain shines.

These are indeed precious moments.  Ford, Andrew, Joe, Morgan and Emily, no longer have Grandparents Day; too old you know, but blessings abound and I wouldn't take a million dollars for one, past, present or future day with any one of the Magnificent Nine.

Joe's picture made it again in St. Martin's school magazine called Patterns.  This time he got a full page!  Looking good JOE! 

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