Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More Halloween Treats!

This is Felly...our sweet friend, brought to us by Rob and endeared to us at Judy/Louis' home and at Nana's on special occasions and holidays. Felly had her first American Halloween last year and just loved it. She wanted to dress up and go for the treat, so Rob drove her around (after all she was as small as most of the children) and let her enjoy the experience!  She couldn't wait this year to do the same!!

 Felly is from Thailand and has been here on a work program, as a nanny, for two and a half years. She has fulfilled her obligation and is required to go back to Thailand next month.   There she will joyfully be reunited with her family but also have to face with them the devastation of the resent floods. Her family has yet to be able to return to their home to assess damage. I can only pray that all has not been lost and more can be salvaged.

Thank you Felly, for letting us into your life and becoming part of ours. You have been a joy to know and love. I wish you nothing but the best.  We will miss you a lot...Auntie Merry

You can keep up with Felly on her blog at:  http://teetinietime.blogspot.com/
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Queenie said...

This is a great post, Merry. It is]
very painful to think of giving Felly up after two years of knowing
knowing this sweet young lady. I will see you again before you leave. AND we sure will miss you.

juju said...

Felly loves this American tradition. I think she will have Thailand convinced she should do it again next year. CUTE, CUTE!!!

:+: Felly's :+: said...

Auntie Merry, Thank you so much to post this for me...every single words on this blog are so touch my heart...i will be so glad to return home to see my family but also i will be really sad to leaving everybody here...it will be a hard time for me...2 years went too fast T_T