Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our beautiful, Mary, has a birthday...

May it be a wonderful birthday.
May you know how much you are loved
and wished the very best life has to offer.

Happy Birthday to a daughter-in-law who lights up our lives and makes us smile.
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juju said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! To a beautiful Mother. Love, Judy and Louis

pie rox said...

Hope you had an awesome birthday,
Mary. I love you much.

lopsqueen said...

I wrote that, Mary. I do not know
who pie rox is, but I bet they love you, too.

fweakijam said...

Mom, I think sweet Emily has been using your computer...hehehe. She must have left herself logged on...but I agree, everyone loves Mary!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthhday, Mary! I hope you laughed as much on your birthday as much as you make me laugh at Grayton! Much love, Kristin.