Monday, January 31, 2011

Emily's Cotillion

Again, pictures speak a thousand words...the coming of age, the love of good mothers, the faithfulness of a father from behind the scenes, cooperation and unspoken pride from the whole family and the secret joy of a girl's first dance...


It is my honor to share these special moments with my children and grandchildren, a sweetness that makes this stage in my life a crown of glory.  

This day should be marked and remembered.



Queenie said...

What a wonderful life.
What a birthday party.
What a great experience, just a
beginning of the next several years. God bless you darling Emmy.

juju said...

Dear Emmy, How beautiful you are. God has blessed you with beauty and grace. Lulu and I are looking forward to watching what He has in store for your life. We love you.

tschafee said...

Beautiful, Mimi. Thank you for capturing this for my little Cinderella. It was a sweet time.

family said...

Thank you mimi, nana and julu for your sweet words of encouragement. i love that emily has strong christian role models in you all!
What a sweet journey this

:+: Felly's :+: said...

They all looking so pretty ^__^