Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fondue and Fellowship

What a great evening, leisurely sitting around the kitchen table, cooking chicken, shrimp and tenderloin in a fondue pot and catching up on all the news. That's just what we did tonight with the SSC family! Since they were traveling over the holidays, we have had little time to visit lately. It was so good to sit awhile and just be together.

Morgan has decided to attend Woodward for school next year. Her grades are excellent and she is still climbing 3-4 days a week. Ford aced all his finals exams and is becoming a good driver (and I might add growing like a weed!)  Shannon and Molly are looking fit and are enjoying watching their children succeed.

Every precious minute was a matter of fact, we have found over the years that our children and their families are always delightful dinner guests!  To all of you...COME ANYTIME!
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juju said...

Yum, yum good! What fun.

:+: Felly's :+: said...

that kind of pot look interesting...looking like sukiyaki pot in thailand and Japan ^__^

fweakijam said...

Felly...I have an idea! I'll bring the pots and you can show us how to make sukiyaki at Judy's house! ;) Auntie Merry

family said...

can we borrow the pots for ems birthday?

family said...

Kim...You can borrow mine, the other one is Mary's, you'll have to ask her. I have it cleaned and packed up, ready to take back. I'm sure she wouldn't mind, I just feel bad that I have had it since Christmas!


:+: Felly's :+: said...

will be fun to have sukiyaki together :P yum yum!