Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Business and Pleasure

After a brief stay at the Opryland Hotel (business meetings with the Board of Governors of the GA Bar; Terrence and I enjoyed a dinner/visit with my mom, siblings and a new friend/aupair, Felly and the child she takes care of.

Terrence with my brother-in-law, Louis and brother, Hugh.

Sister-in-law Natali, Mom, sister, Judy and me.

Posted by Picasa Victoria and Felly.

Terr left for home after lunch on Sunday while I've had a lovely few days here at Mom's house.  Visiting, cooking, eating, shopping, working on the fish tank; among other things, have filled my days.  Today Judy had Mom and me as patients at her dental office. After getting our teeth cleaned we all went to lunch together.  Joining us was another patient/family member, that hung around after her appointment and waited for us, my sweet Aunt Geraldine!

I have a few things I want to do tomorrow then I will head home to the one who waits for me... 
Thank you God for the life I lead!


juju said...

You just never know what a day can hold. I enjoy all we were able to squeeze in. Enjoy you being home.

family said...

sounds awesome. now get home......
and i mean that in the kindest of ways!
i love you. i miss you.