Monday, January 10, 2011

I Love Snow!

I love snow. I like the softness of it. I like the way it makes everything quiet. I like the way it makes me think of Daddy. I liked the way it made him smile... 

It never failed that my father would make a snow day special.  I'm not sure I realized that as a child but it became clear as an adult when he would make a long distance call to tell me that the snow had started to fall.

Snow men, trips to play in the snow with friends, snowball fights, hot chocolate and every kind of snow cream that the ingredients in the kitchen would let him think up!

I inherited his excitement and amazement of the beauty.  Terr and I took a midnight snow walk last night and I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. just watching it fall.  That's when it's the the best; while it's falling.  Never go to sleep while it's falling.
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Queenie said...

One night, Betty was a guard for
Crichlow and Merry a cheerleader.
As we left to go to Chrichlow it was beginning to snow. Of course,
he said "As soon as the game was
over lets go to Gatlinburg" We came
by home got a few clothes and started out on our snow trip. Of course, he was singing, kidding and doing everything else to make
"Mama" happy to be traveling in the
dangerous conditions. We somehow
got to Sparta but it was beginning
to get so bad we knew it was
going to be a fruitless trip to Gatlinburg. His next idea was to
go from Sparta to Cookville
and knock on the door of one of the
Agents on his Staff and beg for
warmth. Charles McKinney and his
wife welcomed us and were also
adventurious where snow was concerned, and also great friends,
We enjoyed a weekend with our friends and got home Sunday afternoon to about 8 or 9 inches
in our front yard. And yes he
would be making Snowcream today.
Now why do you think Hugh is in
Garlinburg? This is also how
pallets on the floor was invented.

family said...

wonderful story, Nana--makes me almost want to get out there again today and play--almost i said.

Kate said...

I love how snow brings out your childlike wonder, mama. Thank you for sharing your joy. I love you.

Beth said...

You are so right...never go to sleep while it's falling.

family said...

or put the snow in a bucket so you can wash your hair in it later......