Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Keegan, born Febuary 3, 1999

Happy Birthday KEEGAN!

Our boy, Keegan, is having his 12th birthday and we're all on board to wish him a happy one!  A little update on Keegan tells us that he is a 6th grader at White Hill Middle School in Fairfax, California.  His sport is baseball and he also has a gift for acting.  Currently, Keegan is working about eight hours a week (after school) preparing for his next performance, a jr. high musical,  on March 25 and 26th.

I understand from Kristin that the school is able to hire a director, assistant director, music director and choreographer, and rent out space in a local theater house for the production because of something called the Yes Foundation, which is a parent-funded organization that supports the arts in the public schools in their district.  (Keegan also learned to play the violin last year.)

All I can say is that if that theater was here in Atlanta, this family would be filling the rows, shouting BREAK-A-Leg Keegan, and applauding with love and pride.

Happy Birthday Keegan.  With all that we are, we love you and are watching your birthday, today, and in the future with great anticipation.

P.S.  To Keegan...If you have an email address keep me updated, write me at (you're #4).  I would love to hear from you!  I love you!!

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Queenie said...

Happy Birthday, Keegan.
Sounds like you are keeping busy.
I try to stay busy too, keeps
me out of trouble.