Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Success!

This past week end, William, four of his closest friends and their Dads, had another successful camp-out at Northcroft .  A trip up Croft mountain to find the famous "Jelly Bean" tree, that only blooms on William's birthday; started off the boy's adventure.  Throughout the day there were also special polished rocks, salted among the natural river rock, that had a purple "W" on one side, to be found and collected.  Prizes were given to the one that found the most!

The boys enjoyed their tent city camp ground, a hike to the waterfall, many trips to Kate's, "Egypt", cup cakes (and too many more "goodies" to mention), dinner (and breakfast) around the campfire, a terrific Snipe Hunt and thanks to Grandad; as many 4-wheeler rides as the boys wanted to take.

Thank God for this wonderful place and for all the terrific boys (and dads!) who enjoy it.

Honorable mention to A and E for being such good helpers!

P.S. S-C's feel free to add to the memories on Chatterbox if you like.  I will post any favorite pictures and memories just for the record.
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juju said...

Will, you must be special to have a Jelly Bean tree to bloom on your Birthday. Fresh Jelly beans must be Delicious!

family said...

Ahhh, yes. Aunt Judy. Nothing better than fresh jelly beans! And of course, Mimi's mountains.
A birthday treat all around.....

Thanks, Mimi. We love your mountains and we love how you make our birthday's special.....