Friday, May 22, 2009

William's first day of Summer Vacation 2009

My Grandson and I shared some precious moments today, walking several miles, taking pictures, talking, and just being together. We made it all the way to The Westminster Schools where we were going to take pictures of their recently planted organic garden, a gift for Kate, when we just ran out of steam and had to turn back. We will go back with the car and finish our mission in the near future! We know where the garden is, after talking to the security Guard there, and will finish our mission asap!

We learned a lot today, and it was all good.


family said...

Mimi, this is William. That was the best walk ever in the whole wide history! I love you. William

tschafee said...

well captured, mimi. i know he enjoyed that time with you. thanks for devoting it to him. quite the budding photographer, too. but, then, he's got a good teacher.

Kate said...

SO cute. Looks like you've got a little photographer-in-training!