Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thoughts of children

My Grandchildren stop by for a visit on Mother’s Day.
They tell me stories of the day gone by, and the evening to come.
On the piano they serenade me with what they have learned.
We eat ice cream and cake and anything else I can find to entice them to come back again.
I love days like this when I get to see or hear from all my grand ones.
They remind me of the children I once had and cherished...
The ones who shared those grandchildren with me today, as their best gift of love on Mother’s Day.
May the circle be unbroken. -M

1 comment:

Queenie said...

Issy, of course we all know is the
child of Mike Regas, but doesn't
she look like a little Mary Regas
sitting at that piano.
I can hardly wait for she and Joe
Patton to play for me.