Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Knight of Apostlelot Speaks

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of writing the finale for Apostlelot, the children's drama ministry at our church. It was my first attempt at writing a script for the show and it happened to be quite a special one. It included a recognition of all the rising 5th graders. As of next year, they will leave Apostlelot to enter the middle school Student to Student ministry (STS). In the words of the Sage, who reads stories to the other characters every week, "STS is the next chapter in the storybook of their lives. In STS, they will continue to grow in the Lord through wonderful teaching and fellowship with their fellow students."It was a bittersweet time, as we call one of those rising 5th graders our own. We are so proud of Emily and who she is becoming as she moves closer and closer to becoming the young woman God has planned for her to be. We wish her the best on that journey, with God's grace, as well as Mommy and Daddy leading her along.And so, with a heart balancing equal measures of joy and sadness, the Knight bids farewell to the young lady, Miss Emily. He will continue on in Apostlelot next year. But he has lost a very special audience member.
Tom - (Daddy to Emily)

Tom, as the Knight, inducted Andrew, sometime later, as the Page; then a year or so ago, Kimberly, as nurse Missy, joined the cast and has served the kingdom of Apostlelot faithfully. (Emily makes guest appearances from time to time.) Using their gift of drama to teach the children God's principles and His word, memorizing lines and showing up early for Sunday School to run scenes, has been a huge contribution from this entire family. I commend you all. Congratulations, Emily

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Queenie said...

How sweet !
Emily your parents are looking for
many great things from you.
I know you will be the grown up
young lady that they are grooming
you to be, and I love you dearly
my little Gwen.