Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kristin and Alan's Weekend Celebration

The slide show is a bit long, for those outside the family, but I so seldom get any of my California family in Atlanta that I got carried away with taking pictures. Hopefully, with Alan's family here, they will have even more reason to come and visit in the future!

It was a glorious event, topped off with Alan's mother and father's 50th wedding anniversary and Alan's Dad having his 80th birthday!

In September, we are looking forward to Krisin and Alan's wedding that will take place in California.


family said...

Mom, what a wonderfully moving song choice. Pictures are fantastic and the evening was l lovely. You captured it beautifully. Great work! I love you. kim

family said...

wow Mimi! That slideshow was great! Thanks for taking your time to make sure that everyone and every special occasion gets written about on your blog. I love you so much for everything you've done to make life special. I love you so much.

family said...

To Kim and Andrew...How generous of you to encourage my efforts with such thoughtful words. Your love overwhelms me. Thank you and thank you for faithfully reading Chatterbox!

Kristin said...


Thanks so much for creating this wonderful video. I know just how much effort went into it! As always, you amaze me with your generosity, love and dedication to family. Thank you so very very much. (And thanks for getting such cute pictures of the boys dressed up, a rare and special event in and of itself!)

Love, Kristin

Kate said...

Awesome slideshow, Mom. Love lookin' at all those handsome kiddos.