Saturday, May 23, 2009

Joe Ends the Season on a High Note!

JoeS final game of the 2009 Season from Merry Croft on Vimeo.

Joe's final game of the 2009 Baseball Season!

I did the video but had to hire the professional to write this technical blog.

From the Sports Desk of

Terrence aka "Grandad"...

On Friday night, Joe Regas' Phillies, finished second in the league playoffs. Joe was a key player for his team all season long. In the early games, his pitching kept the Phillies undefeated, and his big bat helped pile up the runs. Then, about a month ago, he fractured his left wrist sliding into third and missed about 3 weeks of competition. The Phillies struggled without Joe in the lineup, and they lost about as many games as they won. He tried to keep his pitching arm in condition by throwing to his dad, as often as he could. Then, when the doctor said his cast could come off, which the league required before Joe could resume play, Joe returned to the mound and the Phillies won enough to get into the championship game. Joe started as pitcher, and did well against a very good opposing team, but his fielders gave erratic support and several unearned runs were scored on the Phillies, who lost by a score of 10-3. Late in the game, when the Phillies were dragging, Joe came to the plate with a look of fierce determination and one of his team mates on first base. Joe hit a monster inside the park home run. He rounded the diamond so swiftly that he almost caught up with the player in front of him. Joe will play on Saturday in the All-Star game. We are so proud of Joe and the way he fought to overcome his injury and his strong performance in the championship game.
Terrence Lee Croft


tschafee said...

congratulations, joe! very impressive. fighting back through the injury to take the team to the championships. go, phillies! great capture of joe at work, mimi!

tschafee said...

great coverage, too, terr. (very balanced and unbiased, the sign of a great sports writer)

Queenie said...

Good season, Joeman, How exciting
to be able to help your team, makes you feel real good, doesn't
Don't grow up to much before we get together again.
Love you Kido.