Sunday, April 12, 2009

Morgan has a birthday!

Morgan is catching up with Emily and Keegan today...she is 10 years old! Was it really that long ago that she and Emily shared baby sitter, Rebecca, got tattoos and talked baby talk together?

Was she really one of the members of the early Kid-Pack (Keegan is missingin photo) before Isabelle and Aidan and of course William, came out to play?

Boy, how time has flown by and I don't want to miss another minute of it! Happy Birthday Morgan. Grandad will miss you today, he really likes sharing his birthday with you. Have fun at Disney and make it the best birthday ever!

I hope you dance, darling girl, I hope you dance.

With all my love and best wishes for a Happy Birthday,


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Queenie said...

Have a great day Morgan. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Disney
World. Nana

family said...

These pictures put a great big smile on my face. Happy birthday, Morgan. We love you.

tschafee said...

i don't understand how we got to 10 so quickly from those roly-polies on the floor with rebecca. but here we are. happy bday, morgan.

family said...

Dearest Birthday Mate, I am so proud to share your birthday with you. Everyone missed you, yesterday, at Easter Brunch and the egg hunt at the Heath. Please be sure to tell us all about your trip to Florida. I love you, Grandad.

family said...

What a great Rock Climbing Wall birthday cake!!! Thanks Molly for the picture.