Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Past

Joys of Easter from the faces of yesteryear. I look forward to creating more memories tomorrow.
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family said...

These are neat photos! I remember the house in the background in my picture. It was in Chafford Woods in St. Louis. I moved there when I was 7 and left when I was 17. I must have been riding my bike, because my pants leg is rolled up to keep it from getting caught in the chain. I think the picture of Shannon, Kristin and Bethann was taken in Savannah. Love, Grandad.

juju said...

My favorite memories was Easter egg hunts on Patton Hollow Road. Mom made us look so cute!

Queenie said...

Mom had such good models, all she
had to do was sew all night a couple of nights. And make a million buttonholes.
What a wonderful life I have had
and every crowded moment had
reaped a hundred fold.
Thank you my wonderful children
for making our live so easy and