Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Honk! ~ Dress Rehearsal

Tonight's dress rehearsal proved that Andrew and the other cast members of the Wesleyan Junior Players will have a very successful run this week of the musical production, HONK!. Honk! is the story of the ugly duckling. In the opening scene, Andrew appears as Drake, the father of a clutch of incubating eggs, with one seemingly very large and odd egg, sitting in the middle of the nest. Andrew has several solo parts and does a great job as the not-so-enthusiastic father of what appears to be a not-so-perfect son, among the four other ducklings.

Dancing with the Stars has nothing on Andrew!! I give him a 9.99 (just so he'll have something to reach for in tonight's show!)

Andrew's ability and confidence on stage never cease to amaze me. He is a joy to watch perform, a disciplined thespian and a great team player (like his sister in the Easter Play at the Lower School, where she too had a solo part and sang like an angel!). I hope you get a chance to see him in action! So Andy, take a bow and...



Queenie said...

has his leg recovered from legend of sleepy holler yet?
Good luck Andrew.

juju said...

Andrew, what a great job. I never noticed until tonight that you have your Mother's eyes.

family said...'s the stage makeup... heehee


Kate said...

Wow! Check out those awesome moves! Andrew, come back to NY so I can take you out dancing! :)

Looks like a really fun show, and as always, I can tell that you're stealing it. Way to go, kiddo, and break a leg!!!!!